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A Hibernal Dream

30 January 1985
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Name: Darryl
Age: 28 years
Occupation: Living the dream. . . Trying to at least.

I'm 28, and am what you'd probably call "Amerianese", "Chimerican", "Eurasian", or whatever other mix of cultures you could think of (half oriental, and a mix of other cultures. Basically, I'm a mutt). For the record, I work 40+ hrs a week, so it doesn't exactly leave me a lot of time with the energy to do much of anything...

Life away from school usually involves anything involving sports, music, friends, road trips, and whatever else I can come up with. I'm pretty spontaneous, and often just go out and do something at any opportunity, just on a spur of the moment kinda thing. Other times, I enjoy quiet evenings just unwinding and listening to music or getting lost in a good RPG or anything else you could think of that'd be included in a "calm" night.

I've got apirations for a morning show on FM radio one of these days. Better yet, nail a top 40 nationwide countdown or a gig at XM, then I'd have it made.

I've been adopted since I was 6 weeks old, and am VERY much a saved Christian. I do not and ABSOLUTELY refuse to go about things in the most tradational of ways, and I tend to shy away from churches due to closedmindedness of people.

I'm quite the smartass with a dash of bluntless, and outspokeness added in for good measure. And throw in a couple sprinkles of compassion, and all that jazz and a mix of every other emotion, and more or less; out I came :P. But in all seriousness, there isn't ANY POSSIBLE way I can try to describe myself; so just talk to me and find out. I'm REALLY not an asshole, despite what other parts of my profile and people would tell you; due to my EXTREMELY razor sharp attitude that's VERY straightfoward and to the point. But I leave that to you to be the judge of that. EVERYONE deserves a chance in my books, but abuse my kindness, or cross me or a friend the wrong way; then you will wish you NEVER met me.

Perceptions aren't what you always see them to be. It's the chances we take that reap the biggest rewards that make life worthwile in the long run...

Perception isn't always what we see these days and, unfortunately, most miss out on some of the greatest of people this world has to offer because of their misperceptions. My thoughts on that; "it's their loss."

Various quotes that stick out in the mind of me...

Once you've come to a decision, follow through with it and give it your all so you have no regrets. However... If you're undecided and unsure, stay that way, and follow through with you indecision. Being caught in the middle is the worst.
-Cid Kramer, Final Fantasy VIII

It's not the net result that matters, it's the day to day struggles people go through that makes one's life important.
-Terra, Final Fantasy VI

Just as you touch the lives of every life form you meet, so, too will their energy strengthen you. Fail to live up to your potential and you will never win...
-Gaspar, Chrono Trigger

Intelligence is intriguing... strike up a good conversation, and I'm all yours...

For those of you who want to know more... take the red pill and find out how deep the rabbit hole goes.

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