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April 2015
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Sephiroth [userpic]
More Doors Opening...

I have an interview with KTVE Region 10 this afternoon around 2 p.m. This is an unpaid position, but it could get my foot in the door with television journalism. Its with the sports department, and I'll be assisting with the Friday evening football deal during the fall season.

Its pretty much out of my hands, but this could be one of the biggest opportunities I've had in a long time to finally lay my hands on something I've always wanted to do...

So much seems to be going right lately. Got a few close friends, some kickass people to chill with, and somehow managing to stay sane through the hassles of school, work, and all of life's other bits of drama...

I'm just laying low till class @ 11, then I'm back to the house for a brief moment to freshen up, then I work 4:45-11ish or so. I may take a short nap for a minute or two; haven't slept much this week for some reason or another.

Maybe later?

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