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Sephiroth [userpic]
Into the Retail World...

I had the interview @ 1 p.m. and it went very favorably...

So favorably in fact that I am hired.

My 1st day is on Wednesday. I don't anticipate on selling anything, because I go through a 2-3 week training period to learn the operations of sales and maintaining the kiosk.

Oh, what what is this job you may ask? Allow me to explain...

I'm now working for R-Solutions. Its a division of RadioShack, but it sells service plans with Cingular, Sprint, and Alltel. Also, they sell pre-paid plans with Certain T-Mobile phones.

Besides phones, they also provide Dish Network and programming packages.

So at the moment, I'm between 3 part time jobs, and an internship. I have a feeling Canes is going to be gone very soon, but I may conditionally stay for 1-2 days a week. I anticipate maybe 20 hours at the most around R-Solutions, but its a start. I'm paid based on comission on top of a flat hourly pay somewhere around the $7.00 neighborhood.

Wednesdays start this excursion into retail. Its something outside of food, and I can't wait...

I must be going, gotta get ready for work.

Maybe later?

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yay! :)

Congrates mate!