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Wow I've nearly forgotten I've even had this thing.  And to think earlier entries here date back to *thinks* my first portion of college. 

God I'm getting old. 

Since last time I posted?

I've moved to austin.  Not working for the call center anynore.  Thank God for that, that job drained every last bit of my soul everyday...

Now working for FedEx, print shipping and retail side, and in the newly opened JW Marriott in Austin.

That's about all for now, I'm sure I'll think of more later.

I had the interview @ 1 p.m. and it went very favorably...

So favorably in fact that I am hired.

My 1st day is on Wednesday. I don't anticipate on selling anything, because I go through a 2-3 week training period to learn the operations of sales and maintaining the kiosk.

Oh, what what is this job you may ask? Allow me to explain...

I'm now working for R-Solutions. Its a division of RadioShack, but it sells service plans with Cingular, Sprint, and Alltel. Also, they sell pre-paid plans with Certain T-Mobile phones.

Besides phones, they also provide Dish Network and programming packages.

So at the moment, I'm between 3 part time jobs, and an internship. I have a feeling Canes is going to be gone very soon, but I may conditionally stay for 1-2 days a week. I anticipate maybe 20 hours at the most around R-Solutions, but its a start. I'm paid based on comission on top of a flat hourly pay somewhere around the $7.00 neighborhood.

Wednesdays start this excursion into retail. Its something outside of food, and I can't wait...

I must be going, gotta get ready for work.

Maybe later?

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I never seem to regularly update this thing anymore...

The Basic interview got rescheduled, and its today @ 1 p.m. We'll see how that goes, but I'm praying for a favorable outcome.

Classes seem to be fairly steady as well. The last wave of tests swarmed through last week and I escaped mostly victorious. I could have did a little better on the Ethics test, but I still didn't do too bad. My case study is due next Tuesday so I better get on the ball this weekend...

Not a lot of other news going on, but I'm off the market. Her name's Katie and she's absolutely everything I could have asked for and a lot more...

Spanish is meeting @ Chile Verde so I better brush up on my ordering skills in the language. Quiero quesidilia de pollo; lol.

Well I'm out, radio calls in about 1/2 an hour. And yes its 6:30 a.m. these days...

Maybe later?

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I'm off to Delhi tomorrow evening to get some video footage for KTVE NBC-10. So I may be able to get in some camera work and soon I'll be getting into the editing room to edit video and audio...

Its my start, and I'll be on the way around 5 p.m. Thursday so I'll be outta reach for awhile that evening. I'll just have to see where this will possibly lead to.

Spanish test was yesterday and I came out just as I thought; an 81. Just need to ramp up the studying a bit and I'll be all set. Better start looking over stuff for the camera practical; might be a little more trouble than I thought, but once I figure out what to do exactly; I should ace it. The filter wheel gave me some fits in the lab on Tuesday (had a hell of a time figuring out what setting for indoor flourscent lighting; finally figured out it was 5600K. Outdoor is 3200K).

I'm also planning on going home hopefully next weekend; so I'll finally be able to get my car inspected and snag a few supplies from home that I'm needing...

Right, so its about time to lay low and relax for the evening...

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I have an interview with KTVE Region 10 this afternoon around 2 p.m. This is an unpaid position, but it could get my foot in the door with television journalism. Its with the sports department, and I'll be assisting with the Friday evening football deal during the fall season.

Its pretty much out of my hands, but this could be one of the biggest opportunities I've had in a long time to finally lay my hands on something I've always wanted to do...

So much seems to be going right lately. Got a few close friends, some kickass people to chill with, and somehow managing to stay sane through the hassles of school, work, and all of life's other bits of drama...

I'm just laying low till class @ 11, then I'm back to the house for a brief moment to freshen up, then I work 4:45-11ish or so. I may take a short nap for a minute or two; haven't slept much this week for some reason or another.

Maybe later?

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In about 14 hours, I have an interview for an intern position @ the sports department @ KVTE Region 10. This spells my 1st chance to truly get into an "entry position" with Journalism. Though its unpaid, I think this could be the beginning of my huge break...

Everything is going to steady that it truly amazes me...

And I finally seem to be getting back to where I haven't been in a VERY long time.

The weekend right now is wide open, aside from some studying I plan on doing for Spanish and MCOM Ethics. I may reconnect and chill with some friends, possibly take a reality escape at a coffee shop if a break is found.

Time to sleep for radio in the morning. I only was up this late to get Spanish done and get business situated @ Canes; but the foundation is laid and its time to hit the road starting tomorrow...

Catch you guys soon.

Maybe later?

P.S. I'm going public again; nothing really to hide these days.

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